Arm Tensor


Σε απόθεμα


The  ARM  TENSOR  apparatus  is  ideal  for exercises  and  tests  on  intra-extra  rotationof  shoulder  performed  either  in  bipodalic orthostatism or in seated position.
The  movement,  which  can  be  executed  with any degree of abduction, allows full scapular motility  of  intra-  and  extra-rotary  muscular structures.
The  ARM T ENSOR enables the patient to work on  the  main  planes  of  sagittal,  coronal  and
scapular  movement.  The  height  adjustment facility allows the apparatus to be used by any person between 150 and 200 cm tall.
The resistance can be modulated in 16 levels by  adding  selectively  as  many  elastic  bands.
The  rest  point  (zero  resistance)  can  be positioned at any angle of the rotation axis. A “dissipating” device absorbs part of the kinetic energy developed during the exercise.


Precise assignment of range of final
•  Facility of setup of rest angle
(angle with zero resistance) for
each exit position
•  Perfect stability of machine provide
safety and comfort for patient
•  Cordless communication  device
with computer – USB bluetooth
•  Readable and clear software
•  Simple and easy operating



Conservative and post-operativere-education of tone trophism ofrotator cuff.
Re-education of neuromuscularcontrol of rotator cuff.
Assessment of rotator cuff force.
Possible measurements include:
– angle of excursion
– torque in dynamic conditions
– torque in isometric conditions with respect to any angle pre-set by the operator.
Intra-extra rotation + elevation/abduction + pronation/supination ofthe upper arm in physiological rangeof motion.
Re-education of pattern ofmovement with using  substitute,returnable information (Biofeedback).
Possibility of exercising in sitting orstanding position.



•  evaluation of dynamic parameters of
shoulder muscles
•  mark out the range of motion and its
•  individual parameters of training for
any patient
•  measurement of torque in isometric
conditions with respect to any angle
pre-set by the operator
•  measurement of torque in dynamic
•  re-education of pattern of movement
with using  substitute, returnable
information (Biofeedback)
•  storage patient data, results of tests
and trainings
•  saving and comparing results of tests
and trainings
•  report shows results of tests and
•  video games



Load type  Modular resistance with up to
16 rubber bands (16 levels)
Dimensions  177 x 133 x 174 cm (maxi –
mum height)
Adjustment for    150 – 200 cm
patient height
Weight  115 Kg